Ihesum corde colite – Ons is gheboren – Schola Gregoriana Pragensis perform a song originating from the 15th-century reform movement ‘devotio moderna’ that is transmitted in an early 17th-century manuscript from the beguinage in Amsterdam – a source worked on by Ulrike Hascher-Burger (Utrecht team). Recorded during a SoundMe concert in Warsaw, 15 May 2018.

“Preserving and Transforming Sound Memories” Workshops – A video presenting highlights of workshops that took place in Prague and Warsaw in April 2018 entitled ‘Preserving and Transforming Sound Memories: Motivations – Strategies – Techniques’ with music performed by Anonymous III.

Wolauff last uns frölich singen – A hymn printed in Valentin Triller’s ‘Ein Schlesich [!] singebüchlein’ from Wrocław in 1555, that forms part of Antonio Chemotti’s (Warsaw team) research. Performed in Prague by Anonymous III.

Angelus ad virginem – A performance of this medieval carol sung by Associate Partner ‘Anonymous III’ as part of a concert of 12th– and 13th-century music for Christmastide at Selwyn College, Cambridge, connected with Adam Mathias’s (Cambridge team) current research.

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