Project videos

Sound Memories: The Musical Past in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

The Sound Memories project (SoundMe for short) is an exciting collaborative research project looking at the uses of the past in the music of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. This video introduces the core aims of our project, explaining what our project is about, what we seek to achieve, and how this shall be done.

Preserving and Transforming Sound Memories. Workshops in Prague and Warsaw

A video presenting highlights of workshops that took place in Prague and Warsaw in April 2018 entitled ‘Preserving and Transforming Sound Memories: Motivations – Strategies – Techniques’ with music performed by Anonymous III.

The SoundMe Project Conference – Utrecht 28-29 May 2018

A video presenting highlights of the international SoundMe Project Conference that took place in Utrecht in May 2018, including musical performances by Associate Partners Bastarda, La Morra and Trigon Ensemble.

The Presence of the Past – Prague, 3 October 2018

This video presents the SoundMe concert in Prague, during which five pieces by young composers were premiered. All were inspired by the concept ‘Uses of the Past’ and based on musical material studied by the SoundMe team.

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