Jan Ciglbauer defends PhD thesis on the tradition of Central European Latin songs

The examination copy of Jan Ciglbauer's doctoral dissertation as used during his viva on 3 July 2017.

The examination copy of Jan Ciglbauer’s doctoral dissertation as used during his viva on 3 July 2017.

On 3 July 2017, Jan Ciglbauer from the Prague team successfully defended his PhD thesis Cantiones Bohemicae – Komposition und Tradition at Charles University. The thesis was supervised by David Eben (Charles University; Prague team). Pavel Soukup (The Centre for Medieval Studies, Prague) and Inga Mai Groote (University of Heidelberg and PI of the Heidelberg team) were the assessors.

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Paweł Gancarczyk presents SoundMe research to international crowd of medievalists

The Miracle Fountain (Wunderbrunnen) at the Augustinian abbey of Neustift/Novacella, Southern Tyrol, Italy

The Miracle Fountain (Wunderbrunnen) at the Augustinian abbey of Neustift/Novacella, Southern Tyrol, Italy.

On 27 June 2017 Paweł Gancarczyk, Principal Investigator of the Warsaw team, delivered a paper to an international audience of medievalists from the United States, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Germany, Israel, and Russia assembled at Kloster Neustift/Novacella in Southern Tyrol.

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Karl Kügle presents SoundMe project to Dutch medievalists

On 22 June 2017 SoundMe Project Leader and Principal Investigator of the Utrecht team, Karl Kügle, delivered the Annual UCMS lecture 2017 to an interdisciplinary audience of 75 medievalists, including research postgraduates (MA and PhD levels) and specialists in wide range of fields including textual and visual studies, history, religion and music.

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Bartłomiej Gembicki’s research in the archives and libraries in Venice

The Lion of St Mark (Piazzetta San Marco).

The Lion of St Mark (Piazzetta San Marco).

From 4 to 19 June 2017 Bartłomiej Gembicki (PhD student from the Warsaw team) carried out a document search in Venice (Archivio di Stato, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Archivio Storico del Patriarcato and Biblioteca Gianni Milner Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi). The search concerned mainly the liturgical sources from the church of St Mark, including five ceremonials produced between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries.

He also studied documents concerning the duties of the employees of St Mark’s church (particularly musicians and masters of ceremonies) and documented examples of their negligence. Continue reading

The Musical Past in 16th Century Silesia – paper by Chemotti

On Wednesday 31 May 2017, in the library of the Institute of Musicology of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Antonio Chemotti delivered a paper entitled The Musical Past in 16th Century Silesia.

Chemotti shared the first results of his research in this field, focussing on the songbook Ein schlesich Singebüchlein (Wroclaw 1555). The presentation was followed by a lively discussion, during which the participants addressed the stylistic features of selected musical examples from the Silesian source, considering the historical and cultural meanings of ‘archaic’ musical practices.

Research by Prague and Warsaw teams in Opava and Budapest

During 26–28 April 2017 Jan Ciglbauer, Paweł Gancarczyk and Lenka Hlávková carried out HERA-related research in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Their visits to the libraries in Opava (Silesian Museum) and Budapest (National Széchényi Library and University Library) involved examining unknown or little-known sources from the first half of the fifteenth century. Continue reading

SoundMe project on Polish public radio

In January 2017 listeners to 2 Polish radio stations had the opportunity of learning about the main ideas behind the SoundMe project, and about the research being conducted by the Warsaw team.

During the programme Wieczór RDC (Evening with Radio for You) broadcast by the station Radio dla Ciebie, Prof. Paweł Gancarczyk talked about the special features of research into early music, and the ways in which the ‘musical past’ is present in musical culture of the 15th and 16th centuries. Continue reading

SoundMe seminars inaugurated in Warsaw

Antonio Chemotti during the first SoundMe seminar in Warsaw.

On 13 December 2016 the Warsaw team inaugurated a cycle of seminars devoted to the SoundMe project. The subject of the first meeting was Music for the dead in Italy, 1550-1650, with a paper given by Antonio Chemotti. Continue reading

Sound Memories Workshop

The Heidelberg University organises a workshop for the collaborative research project ‘Sound Memories: The Musical Past in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe’ from 1 until 3 December. The workshop will focus on issues of material culture and the typology of sources involved and will include members of the Heidelberg SFB 933 ‘Material Text Cultures’ as well as external invited speakers. Continue reading