SoundMe at MedRen 2019

Members of the SoundMe team again presented research results at the annual Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, this year held in Basel, Switzerland. The MedRen is the biggest meeting worldwide for scholars researching medieval and early modern music up to 1600. For more information on the conference and on the conference programme, see our special page.

Bartłomiej Gembicki presented his paper.

Cambridge Team Outreach Project “Roots”

As part of a new outreach initiative led by the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge team (Susan Rankin and Adam Mathias) have been working with local schools to introduce students to medieval music in a number of ways. This outreach project, entitled “Roots”, aims to trail a new model for music provision within primary and secondary schools across the Cambridgeshire region, and draws together all ages in teaching and enjoying music. Continue reading

Sean Curran at the SoundMe seminar in Warsaw

Sean Curran at the SoundMe seminar in Warsaw.

Sean Curran at the SoundMe seminar in Warsaw.

On 9 April 2019 Sean Curran (University of Cambridge) gave a public lecture at the SoundMe seminar at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw). The paper, entitled “Music writing and music history in a thirteenth-century song”, offered a close reading of a mid-thirteenth motet, Par une matinee / Mellis stilla / Alleluia. Continue reading